Bachelor No More: Nick & Vanessa Are Engaged!

The fourth time was the charm! Congratulations to Nick and Vanessa! 💍



On Monday’s final episode of The Bachelor, Viall, 36, got on one knee and asked the Canadian native for her hand in marriage — and she said yes!

“While I certainly had my fears [of being the Bachelor], I still followed my heart and put myself at risk,” Viall exclusively told PEOPLE. “I’m glad I did.”

Later adding of Grimaldi, “This one right here, she made it easy.”

Grimaldi caught the hearts of Bachelor nation fans (and Nick!) from the very beginning. After seeing the love she has for her family and her special needs students, Viall said the words we were all thinking the moment they locked eyes for the first time: “Wow. That’s a keeper.”

Though Viall has finally found his forever love with Grimaldi, the days leading up to that moment weren’t easy.

“I was very nervous,” the Wisconsin native said. “It was a very long day and it wasn’t too long after saying goodbye to Raven. So, there were emotions from that. I think in that world the engagement day is not your ideal day just because it’s The Bachelor.”

“I think most people when they get engaged there’s a lot of great, exciting anticipation and for me that was a very emotional roller coaster,” he added. “Once I saw Vanessa, I kind of calmed my nerves. For me it was that moment where I had clarity. It was a calming feeling of knowing I made the right decision. It was all worth it! All the tears and all the ups and downs, it kind of just felt like, finally I got to the place that I hoped to get to.”


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