Ready for tax time? Don't do these 7 things...

Want to get more closely acquainted with the IRS? Of course not! So, when you file your taxes (we all have just over a month to get that done), be sure to avoid these seven things, as recommended by them. For details, link to the article from which I pulled these!

Here's hoping no audits! Even though some, like having offshore accounts, I couldn't pull off if I tried!

1. Trying to pad your refund

2. Claiming excessive business credits

3. Falsely inflating deductions

4. Fraudulently claiming tax credits

5. Abusing tax shelters

6. Trying to shirk your duty as a taxpayer

7. Hiding money in offshore accounts

Again, check out the detail for each of these here!

And then get back to listening. :)  - Eric

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