Ways To Love Yourself More This Year

Woman making heart-shape with hands outdoors

I'm a firm believer that in order to love others we need to love ourselves first.  I'm not saying we need to be self-absorbed or selfish.  I'm just saying that we need to love and care for ourselves before we can really care for someone else.  I'm not a parent yet but I've seen how much my parents have devoted their lives to my brother and I.  Always putting us first and never being selfish.  They were able to do that though because they cared for themselves first.  Life is all about finding that balance.  You don't want to prioritize others so much you lose yourself and vice versa.  As we're a few months into the new year let's make sure we are really caring for ourselves.  Here's a few ideas I really liked but you can read more from msn lifestyle.  

  1. Talk Positive to Yourself - this couldn't be more true!  "Adding more positivity to our lives made it worse" said no one ever!  Think about when you were talking negatively about yourself in front of your children.  If they are constantly hearing that, they will probably end up talking the same way to themselves. 
  2. Practice Self-Care - I'm not saying you need to hit the gym 7 days a week nor am I saying you need to be a size 2!  Just take care of yourself.  It's important to be healthy and the best person you can be. 
  3. Stop Thinking of the Past - It's so important to learn from that past but then leave it there!  Life is all about moving forward. 
  4. Don't Judge People - It is soooo easy to judge people.  A very hard habit to break but why do it?  What good does it bring you judging someone else?  We can't possibly know everything about that person or what happened to them so who are we to judge?
  5. Listen to Cheerful Music - I work in radio so I obviously love music!  It's amazing to me what a song can do for your mood, the memories it can bring back, the feeling it gives you, etc.  Find that song/music that makes you feel good and just blast it!  
  6. Volunteer - It's amazing the feeling you get when helping someone else.  


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