Our Weekend In 3 Pics: Birthday Parties & Snow Fun


This weekend I had the privilege of spending lots of time with my 5 year-old, Julia. It started out Saturday morning when, as soon as she saw the snow, she got dressed up to go out and play in it!

While we were shopping on Saturday night, Julia played "hide and seek" in the drapery department. This was her clever plan to throw us off her trail.

Julia attended her first birthday party for a school mate at a gymnastic center and got to swing on a rope over the foam pit!


I wanted to do something nice for Andy and install the towel bars in our master bathroom but have never done it before, so I brought in some help! My sister-in-law Julie, her girlfriend, Jenna, and I got it done - even with a sleeping baby in the next room! Thanks, girls!

I can't believe her hair is long enough for pigtails already! It's stuff like this that reminds me, too, that I sometimes still can't believe I have a GIRL! Hahaha! I could do her hair all day! 

Why having a toddler is just like having a puppy reason number: 2,854 .....

I also can't believe I have a 17 year old son! Here's my sappy Facebook post to him. I hope I didn't embarrass him too much at his party Saturday night. He had a bunch of friends over, and I tried my hardest to stay away but managed to sneak downstairs to check on things a few times. What? They needed more chips.   

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