Remember Zima? It's about make a comeback...

Remember Zima? It came out about almost 25(?!?) years ago, an early forerunner for the Smirnoff Ice-type drinks that have been released more recently. Not beer, not hard liquor, kind of a clear malt liquor - the liver-attacking version of Crystal Pepsi, if you will. I tried a Zima when I was 23, probably got teased, wasn't impressed with it anyway, and moved on. But MillerCoors is about to resurrect it, according to Ad Age, at least for a limited time. Pete Coors, who ran Coors back when they first rolled out Zima, blames marketing, packaging, etc. so they're going to try it again. Who knows, maybe millennials will embrace it. For our memories, here's a review from VH-1 on Zima below. Do you agree or disagree?



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