Union Grove Man Voted Into Packers Fan Hall Of Fame

Great news!  You helped vote Frank from Union Grove into the Packers Fan Hall of Fame!  Thanks for voting!  Below is my original story about Frank so take a look and get more about the story from his facebook page here!


We all think we are the #1 Packer fan but I think Frank Lamping from Union Grove, WI might just take the cake on that one!  This guy postponed cancer surgery so as to maintain his perfect attendance at Lambeau Field, is pretty much never seen in anything but Packers gear and trims by hand the plot of replanted Lambeau Field turf in his backyard!  

I found out about Frank through my Mom who is also a graduate of Union Grove high school.  Unfortunately Frank is still battling cancer.  Imagine how amazing he would feel to be voted into the Packers Hall Of Fame!  

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