There's a Good Reason Why AARON RODGERS is Golfing in the Rain

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. — Any other day, any other course, and the golf course might have been empty.

Gusts approached 40 mph and felt even stronger on the holes exposed along the Pacific coast. Rain fell sideways. Seagulls chose to walk.

Aaron Rodgers feels right at home on the frozen tundra, so this was tame by comparison. It’s just that he would have preferred a day on the golf course that didn’t require him to dress in black rain gear, with black gloves on both hands and a black wool cap over his black cap.

“I love golf. I’ve only played nine holes since August,” he said.

Even so, he said there is no way he would have showed up on the first tee in weather like this. But he did. And here’s why ..... Aaron Rodgers joins Jerry Kelly at Pebble - La Crosse Tribune

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