Retro WRIT Billboard (PICTURE)

This is a photo of a billboard for WRIT 1340 from back in the 1960s!  Our program director received this photo with a letter in the mail explaining the history and I thought it was so cool! 

The letter came from John whose father Louis was the commercial artist who designed and hand-painted the huge billboard.  The guys on top are the six DJs that were on the station.   I want there to be a cardboard cutout of me on a billboard! 

John - Thanks so much for sending us this letter and picture.  It sparked some great conversation between us about how things have changed.  For us "radio geeks" this was a very cool thing to see so thank you!

Oh and if you don't understand the tie in, WRIT are the call letters for 95.7 BIG FM.  :) 

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