Weekend In 3 Pics: Proof Our Kids Love Each Other


On Friday night, Lindsey “rocked” the flute at her “Pep-A-Palooza” concert during girls basketball halftime!

On Sunday, we had a winter family get-together and I caught this rare moment of affection between Julia and her brother Dave.

It was a little surprising to see how much MORE snow they received last week in Iowa County (about 120 miles west of Milwaukee) than we did here!


It was a long day of moving! Ethan slept right through dinner ... on the living room floor!

In between moving houses, I worked two Admirals games. Here's Roscoe & me about to pick the 50/50 raffle winner! 

Doesn't every family walk on each other's backs?! Between Robotics and work, Lance had a very long 12-hour day, so his brother helped him work out the kinks in his back!

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