Did Your Parents Have Any Of These Weird Rules?

I'll probably call my parents and thank them for being such great parents after seeing all these crazy rules some parents had!  It's true we didn't use our living room as much as our family room but there was no plastic on the furniture in our house.  I'm so glad they didn't regulate my music THAT much either otherwise who knows if I'd be working in radio today or have such a passion for music.  

Here are some of the craziest rules I saw but click here for the complete list from twentytwowords.com.  

  1. Only allowed to sit on the living room furniture on Sundays.  The rest of the week was spent in the den.
  2. Riding with the window down could paralyze your face.
  3. Nothing to drink when eating dinner...as in not even water.
  4. Pokemon wasn't allowed as it promoted the theory of evolution.
  5. Eating butter was only allowed on the weekends.  The rest of the week only margarine was allowed.


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