A bunch of studies came out recently that blasted multivitamins and basically said that you shouldn't bother with them.  But that wasn't the final word. 

Smithsonian.com took a look at the research and came up with five supplements that ARE worth taking...


According to Smithsonian.com, here are the five supplements that you SHOULD be taking:


1.  Vitamin D...specifically Vitamin D3.  It's affectionately called "The Sunshine Vitamin" because your body manufactures it with exposure to the sun.  But here in Wisconsin, we know that we don't get as much of that as we should...especially during the Winter months.  Scientists aren't sure exactly why, but people who take vitamin D live longer.  It's also supposed to help prevent the flu and bone breaks. And it can't hurt you, so there's no harm if you take it.


2.  Probiotics.  There are TRILLIONS of GOOD bacterial cells living inside your gut and if you take a round of antibiotics, they can get wiped out.  Taking probiotics can help restore the balance.  And probiotics are also your go-to for any digestive issues.  They can naturally be found in yogurt but you often don't get enough without taking a supplement. 


3.  Zinc.  You may have heard that Vitamin C can prevent colds.  That's not true but scientists figured out that ZINC can.  Zinc has also been proven to lessons cold symptoms and helps you recover faster.


4.  Niacin. Over-the-counter niacin is supposed to reduce strokes and heart attacks for people with heart disease.  


5.  Garlic. Although, it gives you bad breath, if you've got high blood pressure, studies show that garlic can help lower it.  It's also supposed to prevent cancer but the jury's still out on that one.      


Source: Smithsonian.com