You know that friend who's on a diet . . . won't shut up about it . . . and keeps judging you for pouring gravy on your pizza?  They're EVERYWHERE.

A new survey found HALF the people on a diet become OBSESSED with talking about it . . . AND are judging YOU for not eating better.  Here are the top 10 things people on a diet constantly bring up . . .


1.  What they've cooked recently.


2.  What they've had to eat that day.


3.  The calories in what you're eating.


4.  The right and wrong foods or drinks for you to have.


5.  The amount of alcohol you drink.


6.  The fat content in food.


7.  The sugar content in food.


8.  The health risks from different foods or drinks.


9.  How you really should be doing a similar diet.


10.  The additives in food.


Source: Daily Mail