What's your favorite type of Easter Candy?


According to a recent poll, here are the four most popular Easter candies...


1.  Chocolate bunnies.

2.  Jelly beans.

3.  Cadbury eggs.

4.  Peeps. 


Jenny & I wondered where the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs were, however, we figured out that this was just a ranking of traditional Easter candies.  But what's not traditional about those??


Another survey asked people how long it takes them to eat their Easter candy and the most popular answer was....."I eat it all in one sitting." 


Apparently, 37% of people eat all of their Easter candy in one sitting and another 15% finish it by the end of Easter Sunday.  That means more than half of people plow through all of their candy before Monday!  Pass the Tums!