I was lucky enough to be a guest at a wedding inside Miller Park this past weekend when my friend and co-worker at the Milwaukee Admirals, Harry got married to his beautiful bride, Kelly. And omigosh was it INCREDIBLE! The roof was open, the sun was shining, and the bride and groom didn't miss a single baseball-themed detail! Check out some of the pics. And oh, I also took advantage of the fact that there were no USHERS to tell me where NOT to stand. Such a rebel, I know! Hahaha! ~Meg

And Murphy wanted to share a picture from the wedding HE was at over the weekend.  Well, the picture isn't actually from the wedding...it's what happened to him after the reception.  His eye had an unfortunate encounter with a door (he tripped) but he's telling people that he was dancing too close with the bride and he got into it with the groom! :-)