When you get a parking ticket, even an unfair one, you probably just pay it...because it seems like a huge hassle to fight it, right? And you'll probably lose anyway.


Well, there's a new app launching next week that sounds like the BEST way to fight parking tickets we've heard of yet.  It's called "Fixed."  If you get a ticket, you take a photo with the app and describe why you think the ticket is unfair...like a broken meter or missing signs or whatever.


The experts at Fixed evaluate your ticket, and figure out your odds of beating it.  Then if you choose to fight the ticket, they do the heavy lifting like gathering evidence and submitting paperwork.



If you beat the ticket, you pay them 25% of the face value of the ticket.  If you don't beat the ticket, you don't pay them anything . . . but obviously you have to pay the city 100% of the ticket.  So you pay either way but the gamble to not just automatically pay 100% seems worthwhile.


Fixed will be available for free in the app store next week but for now, it's only starting out in San Francisco.  However, they plan on quickly expanding to other cities. 


Source: CNN

And even T.V. personalities aren't immune to parking tickets.  Fox 6's Brad Hicks got one in Milwaukee and decided to fight it.  Watch his entertaining exposé and find out how you can fight YOUR parking ticket if you get one for a similar reason...