Tuesday we found out that one thing you can do to prevent yourself from catching the Flu (and other nasty diseases) is to stop touching your face so much!

The average person touches their face three times an hour and since you're not washing your hands three times an hour, you may be infecting yourself with the germs on your hands without even realizing it. 

As the video below shows, Meg touches HER face way more than the "average person."  If you stop to think about it, you touch your face more often than you realize.  In fact just touched my face while I was typing that.  ~Murphy 

A London doctor has a theory on why you seem to be stuck with a PERMENANT COLD this winter.  You're making yourself sicker because you're blowing your nose wrong!


Yes, you can blow your nose wrong.  He says that when you blow BOTH nostrils into a tissue as hard as you can, you can shoot some of your mucus into your sinuses, possibly leading to a sinus infection.

The CORRECT way to blow your nose is to gently blow each nostril individually. 


The doctor also claims that neti pots don't really work but using a decongestant spray actually will make you feel better.  Apparently decongestant sprays are four to five times more effective than decongestant tablets.