Got a tough, life-changing decision to make?  Find out about the "10-10-10 Rule" and it supposedly helps you make the decision logically, instead of emotionally...

 At some point soon, you'll probably face a decision that will change the course of your life forever.  No big deal, right?

Suzy Welch is an author who came up with a trick to help you weigh a decision and really figure out which answer is the most in line with your priorities.  It's called the "10-10-10 Rule."  


When you're facing a really tough decision, look at the options and answer these three questions for each one:


1.  What are the consequences of this decision in 10 minutes?


2.  What about in 10 months?


3.  And finally, what are the consequence of this decision in 10 YEARS?


Here's the thinking behind it:  Apparently we're wired to make decisions emotionally.  So by breaking your options down with those three questions, you'll think about them more LOGICALLY, which should clear things up and lead to better choices.


Source: Lifehacker