With the movie Frozen #1 at the box office and FREEZING cold temperatures outside, we thought it would be fun to ask you to finish the phrase, "It's SOOOOO cold..."  You came up with lots of great responses:

It's SOOOOO cold.....

...that my cows were giving ice cream instead of milk
…when the police tell criminals to freeze, they actually DO!
…you have to open the fridge to warm up your house!
…when your mom says "if you keep making that face it will stay that way," it's actually TRUE!
...the head on my beer cut my lip!
...I saw a teenager with his pant pulled all the way UP!
...I had to triple dog dare my dog to go outside 

Meg's dad had a good one:
It's SOOOOO cold that the bronze Fonz is looking down to make sure everything is still there!

And Jeri came up with another one of our favorites:
It's SOOOOO cold that Miley Cyrus had to put ON some clothes!

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