Murphy & Meg demonstrate how NOT to take a "selfie"

It's one thing to make yourself more attractive by WORKING at it.  But anyone can do that.  The holy grail is to make yourself more attractive without any EFFORT.  Here are eight simple things that can significantly improve your appearance.


1.  Only smile RIGHT before a photo is taken, don't plaster a smile to your face.  And stick your head out a little and tilt it forward slightly . . . it makes your face look the best. 


2.  Always stand up straight.  And when you walk, look forward...not down.  Basically, walk like you're a superhero wearing a cape.


3.  Wear clothing that's the correct size . . . not too big or too small. 


4.  Change your hairstyle at least once a decade.


5.  Wear the right shoes at the right occasion.  If you're not sure what shoes are right, wear slightly nicer ones than you'd think.


6.  Drink more water.  It helps your skin and reduces bloating. 


7.  Change your sheets and pillowcases more often.  You won't be sleeping in your old oil and sweat anymore, which will help your skin. 


8.  Get more sleep.


Source: Reddit