As long as they're still making milk crates, any guy can be a leading man in Hollywood, no matter how short he is.  And some of these guys are REALLY short.  Some, on the other hand, are REALLY tall.


Here's a list of some of today's most popular leading men, from shortest to tallest:


Kevin Hart,  5-foot-2


Daniel Radcliffe,  5-foot-5


Jack Black,  5-foot-6


Tom Cruise,  5-foot-7


Mark Wahlberg,  5-foot-8


Robert Downey Jr.,  5-foot-9


Johnny Depp,  5-foot-10


Brad Pitt,  5-foot-11


Ryan Gosling,  6 foot


Bradley Cooper,  6-foot-1


Will Smith,  6-foot-2


Will Ferrell,  6-foot-3


Jason Segel,  6-foot-5


Vince Vaughn,  6-foot-6


Check out a cool comparison graphic here!