For many people, the snooze button is a part of the wake-up routine each and every morning.


Unfortunately, psychiatrists have found that dipping into and out of sleep in the early morning is bad for you.


In general, the more you snooze, the more confused your body and brain get. Your brain doesn’t know if it’s supposed to prepare your body for action or not. So, when you actually do put your feet on the floor, you’re not operating at peak levels.

And, by getting up at different times each morning – depending on how many times you’re hitting the snooze button – your internal clock gets thrown off, which results in less sleep over the long run.


The best thing to do – obviously – is set your alarm for the time you actually have to get up, then … actually get up! If you do this, eventually you won’t even need an alarm because your body will know exactly when it’s supposed to be awake each and every morning.


Source: Huffington Post