According to a new study, teenagers stay an average of 22 feet away from their dad in public, because they don't want to be embarrassed.

Here are the five things dads do that embarrass kids the most:


1.  Dancing in public.

2.  Singing in public.

3.  Dressing like a dad.

4.  Telling bad jokes.

5.  Trying to be cool by using young-person slang.


The survey also asked what kids APPRECIATE most about their dad.  Number one is driving them places, followed by giving them money...knowing how to fix things...being more easygoing than Mom...and their willingness to eat in front of the TV.


What does dear old Dad want for Father's Day???


According to a new survey, gift cards and spending quality time together TIED for the thing dads want most.  Each one got 17% of the vote.


The survey also found that 10% of us think spending time with Dad on Father's Day means we don't need to buy him anything.  That's compared to 6% for Mother's Day.


11% of people say they've completely FORGOTTEN about Father's Day at least once . . . which actually sounds low.  And 20% think it's fine to just send Dad a TEXT.