There are some words that pretty much everyone mispronounces.  Check out this list from if you want to get them right.  Or keep doing it wrong and wait until they change the dictionary . . . that works for us.


1. "Mischievous"  You might be saying "miss-CHEEV-ee-us."  But it's supposed to be "MISS-chiv-us"

2.  "Chipotle"  A lot of people think it's "chi-POL-tay."  But it should be "chi-POAT-lay."

3.  "Often"  It rhymes with "soften."  Don't say "OFF-ten."

4.  "Sherbet"  Not "SHER-bert" . . . "SHER-bet."

5.  "Candidate"  You might be used to hearing "CAN-a-dit."  But it's actually "CAN-di-dit."

6.  "Banal"  If you use this word at all, you're probably saying "BAY-nul."  But it's "buh-NAHL."

7.  "Prerogative"  Don't say it like Bobby Brown.  Don't do ANYTHING like Bobby Brown.  The word is "preh-ROGG-uh-tiv."

8.  "Seuss"  As in, Dr. Seuss."  Everyone says "SOOSE," but it's supposed to be "SOICE."  Even the Doctor himself gave up and started accepting the wrong way!

9.  "Bruschetta"  Almost everyone says "bruh-SHETT-uh."  But you should be saying "broo-SKETT-uh."

10.  "GIF"  Don't say "JIFF."  It's "GIFF," with a hard "G."


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