I think almost EVERYONE can identify with the "Wisconsin Winter Rant" that a friend of mine posted on Facebook but I think its silver lining will WARM your heart!  

Feel free to share it with your friends who are sick of this cold, snowy Wisconsin winter.


All of you people who are enjoying this weather...or don't like to hear people "(complaining) about winter" may want to scroll on, because I've been holding this back for awhile now.....but I'm SICK of it!!!

I'm sick of freezing when I get in and out of the shower--even WITH a space heater.  I'm sick of cold toilet seats, bundling up to take the garbage out, telling my active little boy that its too cold out to play, wearing long underwear...even in my house, high electric bills, lack of sunshine, lack of hours of daylight, white knuckle driving, sidewalk salt (tracked) in my house and staining up my wood floors, crappily plowed or not plowed roads, that idiot that always passes on the crappy roads, too much tv watching, knowing we have a good month and a half of this left, waking up crabby cuz my warm bed doesn't want me to leave.

On the other hand, it also reminds me I'm thankful for my husband who gets up every cold morning and goes to work to provide for us as well as the warmth he provides through the one leg I keep on him all night.  I'm also thankful for long underwear, space heaters, a warm(ish) house, soups and homemade cookies, hot chocolate and Chai tea, big warm Packers sweatshirts, the little bit of sun shining on my wilting plants, soft scarves and snuggling with my warm babies under a blanket!  

Ahhhh.....I feel much better. Stay warm!

~Jennifer Hibbs 

I couldn't have said it better myself!  Thanks for sharing.