As Americans, we thing we have this child-rearing thing pretty much figured out but Moms and Dads in other countries have some pretty different ideas about parenting!

 As Americans, we think we have this child-rearing thing pretty much figured out.

But other countries parent in some pretty different ways, and even though some of it may sound crazy to us, it totally works for them!


Here are some of our favorites ...


  • In Vietnam, moms train their babies to pee on command by using a whistle ... like Pavlov and the dogs!
  • The Kiisi tribe in Kenya avoids eye contact with their babies so they become less attention-seeking as adults.
  • In Denmark, parents leave their kids outside stores and restaurants while the parents go inside. They say it's good for the kids to get fresh air and the Danish people don't have the fear of kidnapping like we do here.
  • Japanese parents let their kids go out by themselves. It is totally normal for 7-year-olds to ride the subway by themselves.
  • Kids in Spain stay up late! There's no such thing as putting your little one to bed at 7 p.m. These kids stay up until 10 p.m. or so to enjoy family events.

Source: Salon