A new study found the two words mathematically proven to make your online dating profile more attractive.  

The magazine Wired worked with Match.com and OkCupid to analyze thousands of profiles, and find 1,000 words associated with the most ATTRACTIVE people. 

The TWO best words any man or woman can add to their profile to make themselves more attractive are...SURFING and YOGA.

You don't even have to actually surf or do yoga.  Even adding a sentence like, "I'm just starting to surf and do yoga" would make you more attractive.

The other best words men can add are OCEAN and SKIING.  For women it's ATHLETE, LONDON, and NYC.  And then there are a TON of other words they found are associated with attractive profiles.  But some of them are pretty random.

Like for guys, they found live music, retirement, breakfast, trees, morning, puppies, and flying.  And for women they found fitness, fashion, laziness, RADIOHEAD, Homeland and Pulp Fiction??

Check out all the attractive words and other findings from the study here.