Unfortunately, there's no easy way to make yourself smarter.  For that, you either need to have good genes or . . . ya know, LEARN stuff.  But the good news is that it's extremely easy to trick people into THINKING you're smart.

Researchers in the Czech Republic recently had volunteers look at photographs of strangers, and try to guess their IQ based on facial features.  And the results basically showed that we're TERRIBLE at it.


But one of the things they DID find was that people automatically think you're smarter if you're GOOD looking...especially if you're a woman.  Which again, you can't do much about.


But what you CAN do is SMILE more.  Because the study also found that people who looked angry were rated as less intelligent.  While people who were grinning were generally seen as being smarter, even if they weren't.


So in other words, strangers are more likely to think you're dumb if you walk around scowling all the time.  But if you walk around with a grin...they'll think you're smart even if you're a total moron. 


Source: Washington Post