If you tend to hit the snooze button one too many times, "Real Simple" has five ways to get your morning act together. Listen up.

1. Start the night before by getting a good night's sleep. You need at least seven hours to be at your best.

2. Plan your outfit the night before. Set everything out, so you're ready to go. You don't want any last minute scrambling while you're trying to get out the door.

3. Get up, and work out BEFORE you eat breakfast. A recent study showed that morning exercise keeps weight off, if you do it before you have anything to eat,.

4. Make breakfast ahead of time. That way, it's ready to go in the morning, and you don't waste time with preparation and decisions.

5. Plan to give yourself an extra five to ten minutes. You want to be moving quickly, but you also want your morning to be relaxed. And having extra time built into your normal routine will eliminate stress.

6. Listen to Murphy & Meg on Oldies 95.7 (our addition!)

Source:  Real Simple