Back on February 12th, a school bus in Calgary, Canada broke down when it was negative-35-degrees outside.  The driver was worried about the five kids on her route outside in the freezing cold, so she picked them up in her own SUV instead... 

A Canadian bus driver named Kendra Lindon was set to pick up some junior high kids to take them to school but her bus wouldn't start.  


After about 20 minutes of trying to fix it, the bus STILL wouldn't start and Kendra was worried that the five kids on her route were still waiting outside and probably close to getting FROSTBITE.

She'd been picking up the kids since they were in kindergarten, so she decided she HAD to do something about she hopped in her S.U.V., picked up all of them up and took them to school.  


For doing that that, she was FIRED because it was against the bus company's policy for a driver to pick up students in anything but a bus.  Plus, her S.U.V. didn't have seat belts for all of the kids, so two boys had to ride in the back without them.


Several parents have already written letters demanding that the bus company rehire Kendra.  



Source: Edmonton Sun 


Do you agree with Meg that she did the right thing or like Murphy, should she have tried to help in some other way?  Please share your comments below...