We found out about a prank going around the internet.  Meg thought it was pretty funny but I thought it was ridiculously stupid...and somewhat cruel.

You text your significant other with only the following: "I haven't been completely honest with you..."  Then you don't reply to any of their responses for at least an hour.  After they assumedly freak out, you take a screen shot of it and post it online. 

I thought it would be an easy way to end a relationship but Meg disagreed and double-dog-dared me to try it on my wife, Jana.  Here's what happened:

Thankfully her reaction was completely opposite of what I feared...complete with smiley faces!  Later she told me that she thought maybe I had "cheated" on the diet that we're on together and that's what I wasn't completely honest with her about THAT.  

In any case, I am so lucky to have a wife that knows me well enough not to fall suspect to such a silly prank...and actually laugh about it.  I'm not sure if I would've reacted so calmly had she texted me the same thing!  ~Murphy