Not only is Justin Bieber a menace on the road in his Ferrari, he's also terrorizing his neighborhood on his Segway!

According to TMZ, neighbors allegedly saw the little "hellion" riding a Segway and smoking a joint over the Memorial Day weekend.

Also, Sunday night police received two calls that Justin was driving recklessly in his gated L.A. community of Calabasas.  Folks say that Bieber and his buddies have turned his neighborhood "upside down" with their antics.  NFL legend Eric Dickerson, told TMZ he's also seen Justin zooming around in his Ferrari and that it's "not safe." Dickerson also tweeted, "I live in Calabasas, too, and @justinbieber needs to slow his ass down."

TMZ reported that former NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson was driving home from a party in his Prius (with his child in the car) when Justin zoomed by in his Ferrari.  Johnson chased him down, blocking his driveway. When Keyshawn got out to confront him face-to-face, Bieber allegedly ran in his house and wouldn't come out.

Here's a picture of a younger, (presumably) more innocent J.B. riding his Segway past the Oldies 95.7 van at Summerfest 2010.  Notably missing from this picture, the aforementioned "joint." 

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