A website called Ghetto Tracker launched last week.  It lets people identify the BAD AREAS in their cities, so other people can avoid driving through or visiting them. 

The site has had quite a week.  When it launched, people were OUTRAGED by the use of the word "ghetto" and criticism poured in.  So the founder (who's still anonymous) changed the name of the site to "Good Part of Town."  That didn't stop the criticism, so the founder pulled the site down and then put it back up the next day, under the original Ghetto Tracker name.

A blog post on the site says, quote, "This website was always meant to be a tool to help people stay safe.  Although the origianal name may have been, admittedly, insensitive to some people, the purpose of the site remains the same."

Although we neither condone nor condemn the site, we just can't get the Elvis Presley song, In The Ghetto, out of our heads!  "As the snow flies....."

Source:  CNN