We've all found ourselves rushing around at the last minute to complete a project or get somewhere on time but for about 20% of us, it's chronic.  There are actually ways to TRAIN yourself to get things done on time...and even early!

1.  Be realistic about how long things actually take you to accomplish.  People who are chronically late are usually WAY OFF about how long it takes them to shower and drive to work.  Track yourself so you know.  And then make sure you're giving yourself enough time.

2.  Give yourself a buffer.  Plan to be at meetings or appointments 10 to 15 minutes early.  And allow even more extra time if you don't know traffic patterns, the parking situation, or exactly where you're going.  

3.  Add structure and routine to your life.  Late people usually don't have routines, they just wing it.  But if you add plans and structure to your day, you're more likely to be on time.  Make it a routine to do things like get ready for your morning the night before. 

4.  Get comfortable with downtime.  Some of you may crave the adrenaline rush that comes from doing everything at the last minute.  But punctual people are usually relaxed and cool.  They use their extra time to catch-up, get ahead, or just chill.

Source: Fast Company