University of Wisconsin - Madison is the 25th best college to find students with beauty and brains!  

Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah (the largest religious university in the country) topped the list of schools for students who are both hot and smart, according to data put together by Niche. The other schools that make the cut span from small liberal arts colleges to giant state universities, and everything in between.

To compile this ranking, data from Niche's lists on the colleges with the hottest guyshottest girlssmartest guys, and smartest girls was used,  Niche's college section — College Prowler — features close to 1 million in-depth student reviews on more than 8,000 schools. 

#25 University of Wisconsin — Madison

Madison, WI

"Everyone is really nice. Easy to strike up a conversation out in public or in class. Everyone likes to have fun but is ultimately there for an excellent degree and a good future."

"I love my dorm neighbor guys. I have a ton of guy friends and guys I can study with. Smart and cute is a great combination!"


#1 Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah

"Mormons are attractive. I don't know why but they are. And smart. Everyone is hot and smart here and it's crazy! They can come off as a little judgmental, but most of them aren't, they just seem like it because they're stereotyped that way."

"A large majority of the students are smart, attractive, and well put together. Most people are up for a good time and are willing to get to know people."


"BYU has some of the best people in the world. For the most part, everybody is friendly; there are a lot of really intelligent kids around. If you like good clean fun, then you'll love BYU."

Source:  Business Insider