Someone put together a rundown of the most common targets of JAY LENO'S jokes over the past 21 years ... and apparently, Leno took the most shots at BILL CLINTON.  4,607 jokes to be exact.  GEORGE W. BUSH came in second.

"Rolling Stone" has put together a list of The 50 Greatest "Saturday Night Live" Sketches of All Time Chris Farley's motivational speaker who lives "down by the river" was #1 ... followed by Eddie Murphy's "Buh-Weet Sings" sketch from 1981.

Once the final numbers were in, the ratings for "Super Bowl 48" were adjusted up to 112.2 million viewers and "New Girl" had 26.3 million viewers.  Meanwhile, Obama's "State of the Union Address" was the lowest rated of the past 14 years.

FLEA has confirmed that the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS were NOT playing their instruments live during the Super Bowl halftime show, because the NFL wouldn't let them.  He said that it was a difficult decision . . . but they went ahead with it, mostly because the vocals WOULD be live.

We may be getting closer to seeing JOURNEY reunite with their CLASSIC lead singer, STEVE PERRY.  When asked if they've talked about reuniting, Steve said, quote, "Umm ... we're trying.  It's tough, you know.  I'm doing my best in that area, and I can only do so much."

Four people thought to be connected to the drugs found in PHILLIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN'S apartment were arrested last night.  During the raid, police took three men and one woman were taken into custody and 350 bags of what is believed to be heroin.

Rumor has it that PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN once participated in a drug intervention for HEATH LEDGER.  Sources also say Hoffman went to support groups like AA, where he was a big help to others because he'd been clean for so long.

PAUL WALKER left his entire $25 million estate to his 15-year-old daughter Meadow.  His will also states that he wants his own mother to be Meadow's guardian, and he wants his father to control the estate.  It's not clear if the girl's mother is cool with this.