There's an "alternate ending" of "Breaking Bad" online, where all the events from "Breaking Bad" were a bad dream that BRYAN CRANSTON had on his previous show, "Malcolm in the Middle".  He tells his "Malcolm in the Middle" wife Lois, played again by JANE KACZMAREK, quote, "The only thing that made sense in the whole dream is that I still walked around in my underwear."

In case it gets yanked from YouTube, you can also watch it HERE.

"Thor: The Dark World" is the #1 movie at the box office again after making another $38.5 million.  "The Best Man Holiday" made a solid showing in second place with just over $30 million. 

ZAC EFRON is recovering from the broken jaw he suffered during a fall in his house.  He has been drinking soup through a straw with a syringe attached to it.

Police showed up at JUSTIN BIEBER'S house three times Saturday morning after a neighbor complained that he and his friends were partying too loudly.  Nobody was arrested, even though cops said they smelled marijuana.  

MILEY CYRUS confirms that she lit up a real joint onstage at the "MTV Europe Music Awards".  She says, quote, "I was just walking out of my room and then I was like 'Oh I have this in my bag, that will be really funny.'  And I didn't say anything to anybody."  

SYLVESTER STALLONE may have been caught using the N-word.  He was being followed by the paparazzi and he supposedly said, quote, "This [effing] [N-word] here.  This [effer]."  His rep would have you believe that what he actually said was, "This [effing] idiot over there."  

ALEC BALDWIN got into confrontations with THREE paparazzi reporters on Friday, but he didn't launch any gay slurs.  He did push one guy into a car and knock his camera out of his hand though.  Meanwhile, MSNBC has suspended his show. 

JOURNEY and the STEVE MILLER BAND will tour together next year, along with the old-school soul group TOWER OF POWER.  By the way, Journey has also just donated $350,000 to the typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines.