If a guy went into his wife or girlfriend's closet and threw out all the stuff he didn't like, how do you think she'd react?  But apparently turnabout is fair play!


According to a recent survey, here are the top ten things men own that women love to throw away.



1.  Clothes...as in, she goes through your closet and throws out your favorite t-shirts just because they have a few HOLES in them.


2.  Magazine collections...you know what we're talking about!


3.  Old hobby stuff...like model airplanes.


4.  Old CDs and DVDs she doesn't like.


5.  Your sofa when you first move in together, because her sofa is nicer . . . even though it's not nearly as comfortable.


6.  Sports memorabilia


7.  Artwork she doesn't like.


8.  Your ripped-up, old computer chair.


9.  Your sound system, because it takes up too much space.


10.  Weights or any fitness equipment you never use. 


Source: Female First


Here's what Murphy's wife, Jana, said she wanted to throw away...