Business Insider recently surveyed over 2,000 people about their favorite fast food items in several different categories and here are the results.  It looks like they only considered truly national chains... 

1.  Best burger:  Wendy's classic burger.


2.  Best pizza:  Papa John's.


3.  Best fries:  McDonald's.


4.  Best chicken sandwich and nuggets:  Chick-fil-A.


5.  Best donut:  Krispy Kreme.


6.  Best breakfast:  McDonald's . . . although Taco Bell's Waffle Taco was voted the best new breakfast food item.


7.  Best hangover food:  Chipotle.


8.  Best Mexican food:  Chipotle.


9.  Best healthy option:  Subway.


10.  Best coffee:  Starbucks. 


CLICK HERE for more categories and the runners up in each.