Starbucks is moving away from the charming little tip jar and encouraging customers to tip in a more sophisticated way. Starting this week, patrons who use the Starbucks app on their smartphone will have the option to tip their barista digitally, instead of digging for change to plunk into the jar.

While some people may be offended by the notion that you have to tip your barista, Starbucks sees no problem with making the tipping process more convenient. They spun it like this:  “As more and more customers are using their phone to pay, they have also asked for a convenient and meaningful way to show their appreciation to store partners. We’re proud to offer digital tipping as an option through the updated Starbucks for iPhone® app for customers in the U.S.”

We can't blame someone for wanting to make a decent living...but Murphy thinks it's still your choice whether or not you want to tip your coffee barista.  Meg says she definitely tips.....but only if they add alcohol! LOL