Time magazine just released a list of the 13 most influential candy bars of all time.  What makes a candy bar influential?  Here are the top five, with explanations . . .


1.  Kit Kat.  "Beyond being the first candy bar to be marketed around sharing, which helped turn chocolate into a social snack, Kit Kat was also the first to gain a global following."  It ALSO has a REALLY catchy jingle...


2.  Hershey's Milk Chocolate.  "Nestle may've invented milk chocolate, but Hershey's made it mainstream.  By building its factory right in the middle of dairy land . . . [they] powered an unparalleled distribution network."


3.  Toblerone.  Quote, "Debuted in 1908 [as] the first bar to debut with a filling."


4.  Nestle Milk Chocolate.  "Prior to this bar's introduction in 1875, bar-form cocoa was bitter, chewy, and dark."


5.  Snickers.  "More than 80 years after its launch, this is the world's best-selling [candy bar].  Although it may not have revolutionized candy bar taste or distribution, it's unparalleled at selling itself: its star-studded ad campaign 'You’re Not You When You’re Hungry' helped sales hit around $3.5 billion in 2012, outpacing M&Ms, Reeses and Kit Kat."


6.  Chicken Dinner.  "This bar, which debuted in 1923, was the first chocolate bar to be marketed as nutritious; advertisements touted the nut-packed treats as “candy made good.” Though Sperry’s Chicken Dinner was discontinued in the 1960s, its success helped spawn the power bar industry, paving the way for brands like Clif and Luna."  It was also made right here in Milwaukee by the Sperry Candy Company!


(Check out all 13 HERE.)



And while we're on the topic of candy, Meg was trying figure out how to soften a hardened (candy) heart!

She Googled it and found this helpful tip:

A great technique for softening up stale conversation hearts is to put them in the microwave (on high) for about 40 seconds. When they’re done they’re warm and better still, more of the flavor comes out. 

Meg suggests that you lengthen the microwave time to 60 seconds!