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BY MIKE LUCAS Senior Writer


MADISON, Wis. — Shortly after taking a window seat near the front of the team bus, Wisconsin freshman D'Mitrik Trice took a quick look around — like any good point guard sizing up the floor — and realized that he was wearing his practice sweats over his uniform, a wardrobe malfunction.

"Wait," he cautioned himself, "should we be wearing something else?"

Without drawing any attention, he got off the bus, grabbed his travel bag from the underneath baggage compartment, pulled out his game sweats and returned to his seat, where he nimbly changed into them and waited for the rest of his teammates to get on board for the ride to the arena.

The Badgers were about to face Creighton at CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

"It was my first road game," Trice recalled, "and I was a little nervous."

It was a freshman moment for someone who has rarely played like one.

"I definitely feel like a freshman," countered Trice, who has been the target of good-natured ribbing from the upperclassmen, a rite of passage. "If they're messing around and joking with me, off the court or on the court, I always tell the guys, 'I'm only a freshman once, so I'm enjoying it.'"


Photo: Wisconsin Badgers

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