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Lou Reed's death and David Bowie's comeback are being cited as some of the most memorable moments in music this year. 

The death of the legendary Velvet Underground founder is ranking seventh on the top 20 list.  Reed's passing is paired with the death of country legend George Jones, with "Billboard" saying there's "really no way to measure just how important" Reed and Jones were to "their own corners of the music world."  Reed died of liver disease in October, at the age of 71.  The 81-year-old Country Music Hall of Famer passed away in April. 

Bowie's surprise release of the single "Where Are We Now?" on his birthday back in January takes 14th place.  The March arrival of his album The Next Day was his first studio project in nearly a decade. 

Miley Cyrus and her multiple headline-grabbing moments has the top spot on the list. 

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